Collection N. 5 GOLD EDITION

Every Valentin Yudashkin’s most successful fashion creation has been characterized by the use of the most precious of metals: gold.

Its presence has always been fundamental for three words that are usually associated with him: light, luxury and splendour.

By letting ourselves be fascinated by these three concepts, was born the inspiration for the creation of the three sets which are part of this new exclusive collection of wallpapers by Valentin Yudashkin.

A combination of proposals worthy of being compared to the clothes of a muse.

This way, you will have the sensation of enjoying every day the emotions and the atmosphere of a fashion show on your walls




The gold colour recalls the Sun, a classic element that represents brightness; for the ancient Greeks it was an absolute symbol, that’s why they associated this colour to perfection.

This exclusive version, made of pure gold foil, will diffuse unique light reflections into the rooms, giving the feeling of being radiated by vitality and warmth and living in good-luck-bringing dream.




LIGHT because covering the interiors with a sparkling and exclusive allure, illuminating the walls with metallic reflections and shiny stones, strikes the attention and captures the eyes.

The design of this set represents the bodice of a high fashion dress, made with the application of precious gems and decorations with glittering lamé textures.

The choice of this combination allows to range from a geometric design in relief, with a voluminous final effect, to a plain pattern enhancing the concept of light, because it depicts a macro reproduction of the facets and veins of the gems.




LUXURY because by enhancing the environments in which we live, embellishing them with gold details and enriching them with a mix of unique styles and materials, we feel enveloped in an embrace of majestic elegance.

The damask of this group follows the decoration of a Valentin Yudashkin catwalk dress, coordinated with the reproduction of a scenographic silk drape, quilted with gold thread. An authentic cascade of beauty, perfectly modelled and studied with meticulous attention to detail.

Rich and elaborate creations, where light and transparent textures alternate with more compact and impressive textures, best representing the image of luxury and sensuality.




SPLENDOR because by decorating the walls with metallic shades and gold shades, a shining vitality is infused and transmitted, becoming a key of sure effect and beneficial sensations.

The pleated damask of this set reproduces one of the most used fabrics in the history of fashion, for its brilliance, silkiness and sheen enhanced by the embroidered trace of the design itself, enriched with micro sequins, or by the interweaving weaving with metal threads that can be admired in the coordinated plain.

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