There is magic in the charming location where Valentin Yudashkin atelier, resides in Moscow. Enriched by the exposure of his precious clothes gave birth to this LIMITED EDITION. Inside you will find a set inspired by a dress that looks like a real gemstone, signed by Valentin Yudashkin. In this book you can admire what looks like the workmanship of a jeweller, where a bouquet of flowers appears to be sewn by hand as it is in the dress that has inspired its origination. Precious pearls and gems are also present incorporating marble enriched with gold filigree, reminiscent of the luxurious fabrics from which his clothes are made. Finally you will find two best sellers from previous collections with the addition of new and unique colour combinations. This enchanted place inspired the poet Pushkin to create some of his best work, in association with the beauty of this jewelled dress has given life to these wallpapers which will bring into your home a fascinating atmosphere and the magic of this location, where the story seems to come alive.




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